Last Trip July – August 2012

As we have just returned home we were away for three and an half weeks, we left Busselton and travelled via Kalgoorlie to the East Kimberly from there we travelled back to Port Hedland then across the centre through Kunawarritji, Kintore and then onto Alice Springs, from there we travelled to the north west corner of South Australia in the A.P.Y. Lands. We then travelled down to Adelaide, Murray Bridge and then back to our home in Busselton. There were some people that have called since we were in S.A that wanted the Christian Satellite Systems we are very sorry that you have not to get yours this time when we were there but we will be back as soon as we can. As my wife is not in the best of health I found it necessary to get what I had to do as quick as I could so that I could be with her, I hope you all would understand that as she needs all of the prayers that you could do for her. We did do 14000 kms in the time we were away and we thank our Heavenly Father for his watch care over us and for His protection.