2011 Schedule of trips

We are traveling to the Kimberly in late July 2011. We would like to see all of our clients that we have installed the Christian Satellite Systems, so if you have any problems with your system you could let us know via email then we would only be to happy to call in and see you. If there is anyone that would like to get a system installed while we are up that way if you could get in touch with us then we could do it for you. We will be traveling up the Great Northern Highway and then back the North West Coastal Highway.

In August 2011 we will be at the Dowerin Field Days and if you are going to it we would love to see you. Then in September we will be at Newdegate Field Day and after that we will be at Mingenew so we hope to see you at one of these field days. In the middle of October we are traveling to the Eastern States so for all of our friends over there if you know of anyone that would like a Christian Satellite System could you let us know by the end of September then we can bring enough supplies with us.