June-July 2010

In the last week of June we travelled up to Newman – Jigalong – Nullagine – Pt. Hedland – 90km east of Fitzroy Crossing – Derby – Karratha – Kunawarritji then back to Busselton. We were privileged to be able to install Christian Satellite in all of these communities. When we arrived at Kunawarritji there were only 5 dishes required but before we left we installed dishes in every house with only two not getting it. We praise God for his leading and going before us to open doors for us, we know he will bless that community and that many others will join them in requesting Christian Satellite for their community. To the people in the Kimberly that we installed Christian Satellite we thank you and we know that God will bless you as you come to know him better. We know that Jesus is coming very soon and let us all be ready to meet him when he comes. We were for 2 1/2 weeks and travelled 12,500 km,s and we thank God for his protection as we travelled for that time.