Dowerin – Newdegate – Mingenew Field Days

Dowerin Field Day
We will be at the Dowerin Field Day on August 25-26 2010 so drop into see us Block No 016b on Central Ave. We will have a range of products for everyone from Caravan Systems to Home installations from one room to multiple rooms and accessories to suit. If you need any Satellite Installations done after the Field days we could fit them, also sharing our site is The Story Factory which will have a good range of products to suit all ages.

Newdegate Field Day
This year is the first time that we will be at the Field Day which will be on the 1–2 September 2010 we have not yet been allocated a site at the time of writing this so as soon as we have the site no we will post in on this page .We look forward to seeing you at our site and we know that we will have something there that will interest you.

Mingenew Lions Midwest Expo
After we have been to Dowerin–Newdegate we will be at Mingenew on the 16–17 September 2010 our Site No 052 as we are excited to be able to come to Mingenew and to let you know how you can have get better reception for your T.V. viewing and what other Channels are available that are of better quality to watch which will benefit all the family. As we travel all around Australia installing Christian Satellite Systems we can see the difference it makes to the homes and lives where we have installed them. So we hope to see you the Field Day and do come and say hello to us we would love to see you.